Junior Competitions

junior competitions (winter season)

Peel Hockey’s junior competitions are a structured format game of hockey allowing participants to play in a competitive environment against teams from other local club and participating school based teams.

Our local junior competitions are divided into age groups based on school years with all competitions being mixed gender.

All teams will generally hold 1 x training session per week at a location best suited to the participating club, school or organisation for each competition.

  • J 5/6 Competition – School Years 5 to 6 (experienced Year 4’s permitted)
  • J 7-9 Competition – School Years 7 to 9
  • J 10-12 Competition – School Years 10 to 12

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junior carnivals

Junior Carnivals run in conjunction with our winter season competitions. They are an opportunity offered to all junior players registered in our junior competitions.

Carnivals are a celebration of hockey and an experience where the benefits can only be defined once you have lived the experience! Commonly referred to as the seasons “boot camps”, they offer participants an opportunity to play shorter duration games in a round-robin format over a short period of time.

The duration for each carnival event is different, varying from 1 to 3 days, depending on the “Carnival Host”.

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Players form a “new” team for each carnival with most calling for gender specific teams.

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photography information


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