To be eligible for participation in Peel Hockey’s programs and competitions, all players must be registered with an affiliated club or school.

Player registrations submitted before the date teams are created for competition enables clubs and schools to determine the number of players available to create team/s. Late registrations are only accepted if the club/school needs more players to fill their team/s.

To register, players select the club/school they wish to represent then select the program or competition they wish to participate in (juniors are based on eligibility by school year age groups).

Our local clubs and participating schools all have their own registration portal, which can be accessed via the link on the Our Clubs web page or from the Registration main menu.

When submitting your registration follow these 5 simple steps (DO NOT LOGIN)

  1. Locate your club or school’s registration portal
  2. Read the information on the Welcome page
  3. Select the Registration tab (on the blue menu strip)
  4. Check the box for the Peel Hockey program or competition of your choice + 1 Hockey WA subscription (in conjunction)
  5. Select next and enter your Email Address

Note: The Email Address is not only a mandatory field, it is your unique identifier and the contact detail provided to your club and associated coordinators for all your communication . If you have played hockey before, you will most likely have already been registered in the SportTG database and have an email address attached to your record. If you have forgotten your password, select the forgotten password option to reset. If you are unsure or you have a new email address, please contact Peel Hockey’s registrar.

Having difficulties registering?
For step-by-step instruction guide click on the links below or contact Peel Hockey’s registrar.

Individual Registration
Family Registration
Multiple Club Registrations