Carnivals / Championships

Hockey Carnivals

During hockey’s winter season, there are many 1-off hockey tournaments on offer for Peel Hockey’s senior and junior players to participate in, outside of the traditional club based competition.

Referred to as a Carnival, these tournaments are hosted by Hockey WA and a variety of clubs across metropolitan and regional WA. Carnivals are a celebration of the game and an opportunity offered to all players registered with Peel Hockey’s and affiliated clubs.

Players will form representative teams to suit each competition format, with new teams created for each event. Each carnival experience is unique often governed by location, such as Perth, Bunbury & Narrogin, and competition format that can run from 1 to 3 days, depending on the carnival host. Most Carnivals require own gender or gender specific teams.

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Junior Carnivals

Junior Carnivals, the primary focus on fun and participation for players and an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the family. They offer all players, irrespective of their ability, an opportunity to develop their skills and challenge themselves outside of Peel Hockey’s domestic competition, challenging participants to step out of their comfort zone and take their game to the next level.

Junior Championships, lift the competition to the next level, requiring a higher level of skill and experience for participants. Providing a round-robin format, these events focus on recognising the tournament champions with a series of cross-over games concluding in a Champions Grand Final game.