Senior Women’s Hockey

Senior Women's Hockey Mandurah & Peel Region

Peel Hockey Association’s Women’s Winter competition season runs from April/May to September each year.

Games are played locally on turf at The Sporting Globe Stadium (Mandurah Hockey Stadium) in Halls Head at various times throughout the weekend.

Teams hold mid-week training sessions at The Sporting Globe Stadium (Mandurah Hockey Stadium).

Womens Hockey
Season Dates: April – September
Mandurah Hockey Club Peel Hockey

Suitable For All Skill Levels

Our senior women’s winter competition is open to players of all skill levels. Whether you are brand new to hockey or you are an experienced player, our clubs are supportive in helping you improve your skills and enjoy the sport. 

Play in the Women’s Senior Winter Competition

To join a Women’s Winter competition team, simply select the club you wish to play for, then follow the links to register with their team.

It is a simple process.

Halls Head Hockey

Halls Head Hockey Club

Irwinians Hockey

Irwinians Hockey Club

Mandurah Hockey

Mandurah Hockey Club

Midcity Hockey

Midcity Hockey Club

Pinjarra Hockey

Pinjarra Hockey Club