Players Needed – Junior Hockey Begins 20th July

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Peel Hockey’s junior competitions will start their season from  Monday 20th July, all clubs are looking for more players to fill their teams, so it is not too late to register.

It will be a slightly shorter season this year, finishing at the end of term 3. 

CLICK HERE for season calendar

Our competitions are based on school year age groups, all games are played locally at The Sporting Globe Stadium (Mandurah Hockey Stadium) Halls Head. Click on the links below for more information.

If you are keen to play, please submit a registration with one of our local clubs.

All players are welcome to register with a club of their choice, this year our association introduced a school zoning alignment which sees all schools in the Peel Region aligned with our local clubs. Sign up today and play with your school mates. Bring a friend and receive a $40.00 voucher to spend at the stadium hockey shop or canteen, to qualify you must be registered by Sunday 5th July. CLICK HERE for more information.

For more information on our participating Local Club/Schools and their zoning alignment CLICK HERE or click on the links below to register now

COVID-19 restrictions have lowered, and you can expect a competition as close to normal as we can provide however there are still some protocols we need to follow. All participants should read the COVID-19 Update (Phase 4) before commencing training or games.

For all the latest news and information visit the Peel Hockey website or like us on Facebook.



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