What is a Carnival

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What is a Carnival?

Carnivals are a celebration of hockey and an opportunity offered to all players registered with the Peel Hockey Association.

The carnival experience is often considered the seasons “boot camp” for players, consisting of a round-robin competition that runs for either 1 day or a number of days depending on the “Competition Host”.

Carnivals are unique with the primary focus on fun and participation for players and an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the family. They offer all players, irrespective of their ability, an opportunity to develop their skills and challenge themselves in a way the regular/home grown competition may not.

Players will become part of a “new” team created specifically for each carnival and their team mates will all depend on who nominates. They may end up on a team with their regular team mates or may team up with their local opposition players. This experience provides a challenge for all participants to step out of their comfort zone and take their game to the next level.

Parents will witness the evolution of their children as they play their first game with trepidation and grow stronger and more confident with each game they play. While at the same time establishing some new found friendships as all representative teams are recognised as 1 for these events and that is “Team Peel”.

Peel are invited to participate in a number of Carnivals during the hockey season, with each Carnival providing a competition suitable to a variety of age groups. Players must submit a separate nomination for each carnival to determine the teams viable for nomination.

What is a Championship?

Championships are very similar to Carnivals as they too provide a round-robin competition format. However this events focus is in recognising the ‘champions’ for the tournament and therefore provide a higher standard, level of skill and experience for participants in this competition.

Club Championships are a competition organised by Hockey WA and played at the Perth Hockey Stadium during the school holidays with each championship event catering for a gender specific age group.

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